hena1 hena2Hi guys! It's been a while since my last post, but I'm actually not sorry about it. It was definitely good for me to take a break from here! When I started blogging about five years from now, there was a reason for it. I wanted to do something creative, express myself, be inspired by things around me and inspire others. I was really into it for a long time, I loved blogging so much that after a couple of years it became kind of stressfull. I've always been hard for myself and even if I wasn't into blogging anymore, I felt like I had to post, had to take pictures and had to come up with new ideas to post about. That was the point when it got exhausting.
But after a pretty long break, I have to admit that I miss blogging! I want to express myself through pictures and just do this for fun. HAPPY TO BE BACK! Let's see what I'll come up with. I decided to hide all the old posts and start with a fresh blank page. And how am I doing? I'm doing well, thanks for asking. I'm working in a local grocery store, studying (still in high school, I promise I'll be done soon haha, thanks to the exchange year) and enjoying life. Let me know if there's someone still there! I'd love to hear from you! - Henna